Emirates Food Industries (EFI) is one of the leading holding companies operating in the food / dairy / agriculture industries in the UAE. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, EFI was established to support the Abu Dhabi government’s agricultural road map and food security program. EFI’s key subsidiaries include:

  • National Feed and Flour Production and Marketing Co. (NFFPM), a leading animal feed producer and distributor.
  • National Dairy Farms (NDF) and Masaken Dairy Farms (MDF), two of the largest standalone dairy farms in the UAE.
  • National Bags (NB), a leading Polypropylene bags manufacturer.
  • HAYATNA is EFI home –grown brand offers an extensive dairy product portfolio, produced 100% in the UAE. HAYATNA aims to play a major role in UAE’s food security agenda, by contributing toward establishing the country as a world-leading hub in innovation-driven food security.

Animal Feed Division

With over 700,000 MT annual capacity and more than 120 product categories and grades, the animal feed division predominantly caters to the needs of the poultry, dairy, camel, sheep and goats industries. The division works in close collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Food Security Center on achieving the food security initiatives of the UAE. The Division includes National Feed and Flour Production & Marketing Co. (NFFPM) in Mussafah/Abu Dhabi, NFFPM in Jebel Ali/Dubai and National Bags Factory in Mussafah. NFFPM is a market leader in the animal feed industry.

Covering the Entire Value Chain:

  • EFI offers a fully integrated access to the entire value chain of the agricultural industry, starting from the import of grains and commodities, production of animal feed, through to the dairy farms producing raw milk and other dairy products to the end customer
  • EFI is in the process of establishing its own brand for packaged dairy products under the Hayatna brand name

Consumer Food Division

National and Masaken Dairy farms, located in Al Ain, are the leaders in the breeding of livestock and the production of raw milk in the UAE. They are the largest standalone farms in the UAE supplying fresh milk to some of the largest regional players. The farms include around 5000 heads of cow producing around 30 Million Litres of milk per year.

Full Integration Approach to Markets:

  • Undisrupted supply of feed products all year-round and throughout all seasons
  • Competitive product offering, leveraging large production volumes and logistical infrastructure
  • Innovation of new products engineered to customers’ specific needs and specifications

Animal Health Division

Al Rawdah Veterinary Clinic is the oldest veterinary clinic in Al Ain. It operates state of the art medical equipment to provide the highest quality health care services for animals. Al Rawdah works closely with the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority to ensure proper animal health standards including vaccination, numbering, and overall animal welfare are provided to animals in Abu Dhabi.

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Animal Feed Division produces over 700,000 MT of feed per year in more than 120 product categories and grades. This division caters predominantly to the poultry, dairy, camel, sheep, and goats industries. It also works in close collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Food Security Center on achieving the food security initiatives of the UAE


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